The Mucky Duck

They are a friendly bunch at The Mucky Duck and are just moments away from the Cabinet Rooms Cocktail Week Hub. Famous for their “patented hard working, easy going attitude”, The Mucky Duck shows full sports coverage on screens around the venue.

For those non-sporting folk, don’t be afraid to visit, however. The Mucky Duck is THE Winchester destination for both ladies and gents wanting to seek out a comfy sofa or a giant chesterfield whilst enjoying splendid tucker, spiffing ales and most quaffable wines.

This year, they’re embracing Reyka Vodka from Iceland and there will be a very interesting ‘Reyka Experience’ event on the evening of Thursday 8 February which will celebrate the language and culture of Iceland, including getting to know Reyka Vodka.

The Mucky Duck’s Signature £4 Cocktail will be announced shortly (although you probably will have guessed that it will contain Reyka Vodka…)