The Corner House

The Corner House a small independent free house on the corner of Parchment Street and North Walls that starts the day with breakfast by candlelight and goes on to serve delicious lunches and cakes. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, they do a rather splendid supper. They have many cocktails, fine wines and local ales. You could say they are a purveyor of comfort, solace and all things alcoholic. Like you, they’re local, loyal and, frankly, just lovely.

Alongside their Signature Cocktail for £4, The Corner House team will be hosting several wonderful events; all focused on Rum. There will be a Pusser’s Rum Workshop on Tuesday 6 February followed by two nights on the HMS Corner House featuring the Spitfire Sisters (Wednesday 7 February and Thursday 8 February), a host of sea shanties and plenty of RUM! These three evenings are HALF PRICE for wristband holders. Please give them a call or pop in to book.