Introducing the Grand Finale Party

It’s seen some sights in its almost 150 year history but even so we get the sense that every part of the Guildhall from foundations to rafters is excited for the grand finale party of Winchester Cocktail Week. The old girl isn’t as excited as we are though, because frankly no one could possibly be as excited as us.

Of course it comes as no surprise that the team behind Winchester’s first festival of mixology are big cocktail fans but our excitement does not end there. The grand finale party is about more than drinking expertly mixed cocktails, although that will be a key element. Those lucky few that get their hands on tickets to the event will be joining team WCW as they journey through the several ages of cocktails.

We’ll begin in the Victorian age, a fitting nod to the surrounding architecture, the upright Victorians with their stern photographs and covered table legs may not be the people that you would immediately associate with creative cocktail making but we aim to prove how wrong you are. Then we fast-forward to the flapper years where guests will be treated to a classic cocktail from the jazz age. We’ll also be joined by The Spitfire Sisters, vintage darlings of the city who will be keeping our guests entertained with their three part harmonies. Their tour of musical history will end in the fifties with another cocktail interlude.

With the history lesson out of the way we’ll take another leap to a moment in time that many of our guests will well remember – the 1980s! The final cocktail of the party will be accompanied by an electro disco and loosened up by the evenings drinks we expect guests to re-live their 80s heyday with some killer moves.

We’ll see you on the dance floor!

Tickets for the grand finale part of Winchester Cocktail Week are on sale now. Availability is strictly limited and the ticket price includes canapes and four cocktails. Buy your tickets today